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1. Locke: Psyche, Act I: Overture
2. Locke: Psyche, Act I Scene 1
3. A Symphony of Recorders and Soft Musick
4. Great Psyche, Goddess of Each Field and Grove (Pan ; Nymphs)
5. A Rustick Dance of Sylvans ; Dryads
6. Locke: Psyche, Act II: Curtain Tune. the Temple of Apollo Delphicus
7. Locke: Psyche, Act II Scene 1
8. Song of Procession in the Temple "Let's to Apollo's Altar Now Repair"
9. Son of Latona (Chief Priest)
10. Dance of Priests
11. To Apollo, Our Celestial King (Chief Priest ; His Attendants)
12. Ceremony for Apollo
13. Locke: Psyche, Act II Scene 2
14. Entry for Despairing Lovers
15. Break, Break Distracted Heart (Four Despairing Lovers)
16. Jean-Baptiste Lully, Matthew Locke: Psyche, Act II Scene 2: Intermède. Plainte
17. Locke: Psyche, Act III: Curtain Tune
18. Locke: Psyche, Act III Scene 1
19. Dance of Cyclops
20. Song of Vulcan "Ye Bold Sons of Earth"
21. Song at the Treat of Cupid ; Psyche "All Joy to Fair Psyche"
22. Locke: Psyche, Act III Scene 2
23. Warlike Dance with a Consort of Loud Martial Musick
24. Song and Dance of the Salij "Let Us Loudly Rejoice"
25. Song of Praesul "Great God of War"
26. Locke: Psyche, Act IV Scene 1
27. Curtain Tune. a Stately Garden Belonging to the Magnificent Palace
28. Entry for Cupids
29. Song for Cupids "Let Old Age"
30. Dance of the Statues, Leaping from Their Pedestals
31. Locke: Psyche, Act IV Scene 2
32. Stay, Stay (God of the River ; Two Nymphs to Psyche)
33. Symphony at the Descending of Venus
34. Locke: Psyche, Act V: Curtain Tune. Burning Ruins of Buildings, the Throne of Pluto, and a Great Number of Devils ; Furies
35. Locke: Psyche, Act V Scene 1
36. To What Great Distresses (Devils ; Furies)
37. Dance of the Furies
38. Entry of Pluto
39. Refrain Your Tears (Pluto)
40. Psyche, Draw Near (Proserpina ; Pluto)
41. Be Gone, Fair Psyche (Proserpina ; Pluto)
42. Locke: Psyche, Act V Scenes 2 ; 3: Symphony at the Descending of Apollo and the Gods
43. Locke: Psyche, Act V Scene 3
44. Assemble All the Ye Heavenly Quire (Apollo)
45. On Earth By Unkindness (Three Elysian Lovers)
46. Symphony at the Descending of Jupiter, Cupid ; Psyche

More Info:

Inspired by the Psyché created collectively by Lully, Molière, Corneille and Quinault, Locke's Psyche was a veritable artistic firework display: seeking to vie in splendor with the operas of continental Europe, it luxuriously combined theatre, song, dance, and spectacular machines and scenery. Sébastien Daucé here offers us his splendid reconstruction of this key masterpiece in the history of early English opera.

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