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1. Big Girls Don't Cry (Mono)
2. Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Mono)
3. Peanuts (Mono)
4. La Dee Dah (Mono)
5. Teardrops (Mono)
6. Apple of My Eye (Mono)
7. Never on a Sunday (Mono)
8. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Mono)
9. The Girl in My Dreams (Mono)
10. Oh Carol (Mono)
11. Lost Lullabye (Mono)
12. Sherry (Mono)
13. Big Girls Don't Cry (Stereo)
14. Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Stereo)
15. Peanuts (Stereo)
16. La Dee Dah (Stereo)
17. Teardrops (Stereo)
18. Apple of My Eye (Stereo)
19. Never on a Sunday (Stereo)
20. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Stereo)
21. The Girl in My Dreams (Stereo)
22. Oh Carol (Stereo)
23. Lost Lullabye (Stereo)
24. Sherry (Stereo)
25. Trance (Live Demo Acetate 1961, Unissued)
26. Bermuda (Mono)
27. Spanish Lace (Mono)
28. I've Cried Before (Mono 45)
29. Ain't That a Shame (BBC Saturday Club 'Live', Unissued)
30. Big Girls Don't Cry (BBC Saturday Club 'Live', Unissued)
31. Sherry (Stereo Mix, from 'Golden Hits')
32. I've Cried Before (New Stereo Sync 2020, Unissued)
33. That's You (Orginal Version of 'Like You', Demo Acetate, Unissued)
34. Merry Christmas Medley (Mono)
35. What Child Is This (Mono)
36. The Carol of the Bells (Mono)
37. Excelsis Deo Medley (Mono)
38. Little Drummer Boy (Mono)
39. First Christmas Night Medley (Mono)
40. Joy to the World Medley (Mono)
41. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (Mono)
42. Christmas Tears (Mono)
43. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Mono)
44. The Christmas Song (Mono)
45. Jungle Bells (Mono)
46. White Christmas (Mono)
47. Merry Christmas Medley (Stereo)
48. What Child Is This (Stereo)
49. The Carol of the Bells (Stereo)
50. The Excelsis Deo Medley (Stereo)
51. Little Drummer Boy (Stereo)
52. First Christmas Night (Stereo)
53. Joy to the World Medley (Stereo)
54. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (Stereo)
55. Christmas Tears (Stereo)
56. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Stereo)
57. The Christmas Song (Stereo)
58. Jingle Bells (Stereo)
59. White Christmas (Stereo)
60. Walk Like a Man (Mono)
61. Silhouettes (Mono)
62. Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Mono)
63. Tonite, Tonite (Mono)
64. Lucky Ladybug (Mono)
65. Alone (Mono)
66. One Song (Mono)
67. Sincerely (Mono)
68. Since I Don't Have You (Mono)
69. My Sugar (Mono)
70. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (Mono)
71. Big Girls Don't Cry (Mono)
72. Goodnight My Love (Mono)
73. Walk Like a Man (Stereo)
74. Silhouettes (Stereo)
75. Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Stereo)
76. Tonite, Tonite (Stereo)
77. Lucky Ladybug (Stereo)
78. Alone (Stereo)
79. One Song (Stereo)
80. Sincerely (Stereo)
81. Since I Don't Have You (Stereo)
82. My Sugar (Stereo)
83. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (Stereo)
84. Big Girls Don't Cry (Stereo)
85. Goodnight My Love (Stereo)
86. I Am All Alone - Four Seasons Unissued Live Demo Acetate 1961[Tommy Devito Archive]
87. Like You (Organ Version, Mono Acetate, Unissued)
88. Connie-O (Mono 45)
89. Big Girls Don't Cry (Mono 45)
90. Connie-O (Alternate Stereo Mix)
91. Candy Girl (Mono)
92. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Mono)
93. Honey Love (Mono)
94. Soon (I'll Be Home Again) (Mono)
95. Stay (Mono)
96. Dumb Drum (Mono)
97. Marlena (Mono)
98. Long Lonely Nights (Mono)
99. New Mexican Rose (Mono)
100. That's the Only Way (Mono)
101. Melancholy (Mono)
102. Ain't That a Shame (Mono)
103. Candy Girl (Stereo)
104. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Stereo)
105. Honey Love (Stereo)
106. Soon (I'll Be Home Again) (Stereo)
107. Stay (Stereo)
108. Dumb Drum (Stereo)
109. Marlena (Stereo)
110. Long Lonely Nights (Stereo)
111. New Mexican Rose (Stereo)
112. That's the Only Way (Stereo)
113. Melancholy (Stereo)
114. Ain't That a Shame (Stereo)
115. Like You (Frankie Valli 1963 Acetate, Trumpet Arrangement, Unissued)
116. Starmaker (Mono)
117. Silver Wings (Mono)
118. Peanuts (Stereo Mix from 'Golden Hits')
119. Starmaker (Stereo Mix from 'Golden Hits')
120. Silver Wings (Stereo Mix from 'Golden Hits')
121. Born to Wander (Mono)
122. Don't Cry Elena (Mono)
123. Where Have All the Flowers Gone (Mono)
124. Cry Myself to Sleep (Mono)
125. A Ballad for Our Time (Mono)
126. Silence Is Golden (Mono)
127. New Town (Mono)
128. Golden Ribbon (Mono)
129. Little Pony Get Along (Mono)
130. No Surfin' Today (Mono)
131. Searchin' Wind (Mono)
132. Millie (Mono)
133. Born to Wander (Stereo)
134. Don't Cry Elena (Stereo)
135. Where Have All the Flowers Gone (Stereo)
136. Cry Myself to Sleep (Stereo)
137. A Ballad for Our Time (Stereo)
138. Silence Is Golden (Stereo)
139. New Town (Stereo)
140. Golden Ribbon (Stereo)
141. Little Pony Get Along (Stereo)
142. No Surfin' Today (Stereo)
143. Searchin' Wind (Stereo)
144. Millie (Stereo)
145. Millie (Alternate Version, Mono)
146. Big Man's World (Mono)
147. You Send Me (Mono)
148. Mountain High (Mono)
149. Life Is But a Dream (Mono)
150. Church Bells May Ring (Mono)
151. Dawn (Go Away) (Mono)
152. Only Yesterday (Mono)
153. 16 Candles (Mono)
154. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Mono)
155. Earth Angel (Mono)
156. Don't Let Go (Mono)
157. Do You Wanna Dance (Mono)
158. Big Man's World (Stereo)
159. You Send Me (Stereo)
160. Mountain High (Stereo)
161. Life Is But a Dream (Stereo)
162. Church Bells May Ring (Stereo)
163. Dawn (Go Away) (Stereo)
164. Only Yesterday (Stereo)
165. 16 Candles (Stereo)
166. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (Stereo)
167. Earth Angel (Stereo)
168. Don't Let Go (Stereo)
169. Do You Wanna Dance (Stereo)
170. Live on Stage 1964: Stay; Since I Don't Have You; Cry Myself to Sleep; Dawn (Go Away)
171. Cousin Brucie Theme
172. Brunswick Bowling Spot
173. Save It for Me (Mono)
174. The Touch of You (Mono)
175. Danger (Mono)
176. Marcie (Mono)
177. No One Cares (Mono)
178. Rag Doll (Mono)
179. An Angel Cried (Mono)
180. Funny Face (Mono)
181. Huggin' My Pillow (Mono)
182. The Setting Sun (Mono)
183. Ronnie (Mono)
184. On Broadway Tonight (Mono)
185. Save It for Me (Stereo)
186. The Touch of You (Stereo)
187. Danger (Stereo)
188. Marcie (Stereo)
189. No One Cares (Stereo)
190. Rag Doll (Stereo)
191. An Angel Cried
192. Funny Face (Stereo)
193. Huggin' My Pillow (Stereo)
194. The Setting Sun (Stereo)
195. Ronnie (Stereo)
196. On Broadway Tonight (Stereo)
197. Save It for Me (Unique Mono 45)
198. Silence Is Golden (Unique Mono 45)
199. Show Girl (Mono)
200. Where Is Love (Mono)
201. One Clown Cried (Mono)
202. My Prayer (Mono)
203. Little Darlin' (Mono)
204. Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (Mono)
205. Betrayed (Mono)
206. Somewhere (Mono)
207. Living Just for You (Mono)
208. Little Angel (Mono)
209. Big Man in Town (Mono)
210. Toy Soldier (Mono)
211. Show Girl (Stereo)
212. Where Is Love (Stereo)
213. One Clown Cried (Stereo)
214. My Prayer (Stereo)
215. Little Darlin' (Stereo)
216. Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (Stereo)
217. Betrayed (Stereo)
218. Somewhere (Stereo)
219. Living Just for You (Stereo)
220. Little Angel (Stereo)
221. Big Man in Town (Stereo)
222. Toy Soldier (Stereo)
223. A Sunday Kind of Love (Mono)
224. Girl Come Running (Mono 45)
225. Little Angel (Mono)
226. A Sunday Kind of Love (Stereo)
227. Introduction
228. Blues in the Night (Mono)
229. Just in Time (Mono)
230. Little Boy (In Grown Up Clothes) (Mono)
231. I Can Dream Can't I (Mono)
232. Introduction to the Group
233. How Do You Make a Hit Song? (Mono)
234. Medley: By Myself; Ja Da; We Three (Mono)
235. Day in, Day Out (Mono)
236. My Mother's Eyes (Mono)
237. Mack the Knife (Mono)
238. Come Si Bella (Mono)
239. Brotherhood of Man (Mono)
240. Brotherhood of Man (Reprise) (Mono)
241. Introduction
242. Blues in the Night (Stereo)
243. Just in Time (Stereo)
244. Little Boy (In Grown Up Clothes) (Stereo)
245. I Can Dream Can't I (Stereo)
246. Introduction to the Group
247. How Do You Make a Hit Song? (Stereo)
248. Medley: By Myself; Ja Da; We Three (Stereo)
249. Day in, Day Out (Stereo)
250. My Mother's Eyes (Stereo)
251. Mack the Knife (Ste

More Info:

45 Disc Super Deluxe Box Set Limited To 2,500 Copies. 44 CDs documenting a career from 1961 to 2016 featuring 31 newly remastered studio albums and all of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons' worldwide singles. Over 800 tracks including bonus live albums, demos, outtakes, b-sides and more. A replica triple foldout sleeve LP issue of The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette (available for the first time ever on mono vinyl). A hard back coffee table book that tells the full story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons by long-time Seasons' expert Paul Sexton, including interviews conducted by Ken Sharp and contributions from Brian Wilson, Barry & Maurice Gibb and Billy Joel. A portfolio chronicling single & EP sleeves from around the world, including chart placings. A 'Collector's Notes' Book from Four Seasons Appreciation Society's Ken Charmer. Compiled with full co-operation and support of Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio. With career sales of over 175 million records and their long-time membership of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons have inspired fans and enlightened the music world for more than sixty years. For the first time ever, Madfish presents the complete works of a collective who are, simply, one of America's most important pop groups ever. A quartet who sang about the everyday tragedies and victories that they shared with their audience. A group of the people, for the people. Rhythm and blues was barely even pregnant with rock 'n roll when a Jersey boy called Francesco Stephen Castelluccio, AKA Frankie Valli, took his first teenage steps in music.

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