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1. BPCD1622 Arsonists Get All the Girls "Hits from the Bow" CD 637405148657 (2006) This Time You Are Going to Get It Dirty, Shirley
2. Red Meat ; Big Trucks
3. Scobra Vs. Cupcake: Battle of the Bulge
4. Shat Shark Tart
5. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
6. Jazzy Geoffrey
7. Sinsinatti
8. Canadian Unigod
9. Limbo
10. City of Angels Cakewalk BPCD1623 Arsonists Get All the Girls "The Game of Life" CD 637405144222 (2007) Business in the Front
11. Save the Castle Screw the Princess
12. Mantipede
13. Cuffed to Your Ankles
14. Shoe Shine for Neptune
15. To Get Eaten By the Rats
16. Tourtasia
17. Claiming Middle Age a Decade Early
18. Taiwanese Troft Trouble
19. Thirteen Year Old Ruby
20. Robondo de los Muertos
21. So You Think You Know About the Game of Life (Party in the Rear) BPCD1624 Arsonists Get All the Girls "Portals" CD 637405147407
22. The 42nd Ego
23. My Cup's Half Empty
24. Skiff for the Suits
25. In the Empyreans
26. Saturnine
27. Violence in Fluid Triceratops
28. Portals
29. Lost My Loss of Ruin
30. To Playact in Static
31. Tea Time Tibbens
32. Lost My Loss of Ruin BPCD1625 Arsonists Get All the Girls "Motherland" CD 637405142303 Rise to Fall
33. Neck of the Contrast
34. Gooseknuckle
35. It Was a Memoir
36. Dr. Teeth
37. Avdotya
38. Waiting for the War to Die
39. West Cliffs
40. Hemlock Like This
41. Woebegone
42. Our Super Symmetry
43. Will Someone Please Turn Down the Ocean
44. Tempest

More Info:

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the musical chaos with the "Arsonists Get All the Girls" box set, proudly presented by Brutal Planet Records. This limited-edition collection features the band's first four groundbreaking CDs, each meticulously preserved in a 6-panel wallet packaging, capturing the essence of their technical deathcore and experimental metal fusion. With original mastering, fans can experience the unfiltered rawness and captivating energy that marked the band's early career. "Hits from the Bow," "The Game of Life," "Portals," and "Motherland" come together in this exclusive box set, showcasing the evolution of the band's innovative sound and their relentless pursuit of sonic exploration. As an added treat, the box set includes an exclusive band collector card, making it an invaluable addition for ardent followers and newcomers eager to delve into the distinct sonic universe of "Arsonists Get All the Girls."Brutal Planet Records proudly honors the trailblazing spirit of "Arsonists Get All the Girls" with this special release, capturing the essence of their genre-defying music. From the dissonant riffs to the intricate time signatures, each CD unveils a mesmerizing and unpredictable soundscape. The carefully crafted 6-panel wallet packaging pays homage to the band's original artwork while immersing listeners in an engaging visual experience. This box set includes one Limited Edition band Collector Card and is a testament to the enduring impact "Arsonists Get All the Girls" has had on the metalcore scene, a must-have treasure for collectors and fans alike, reflecting the relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and forging a unique path in the world of extreme music. Limited to just 500 box sets world-wide!

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