Carey Blyton (Ogv) (Uk) - Doctor Who: Revenge Of The Cybermen - O.S.T. [180 Gram] | FAMS COALITION


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1. Doctor Who - Opening Title Theme
2. Return to Nerva Beacon
3. Can Anyone Hear Me?
4. Cybermat / Unspool / Plague
5. Cybership I
6. Searching Kellman's Room
7. Sarah vs Cybermat Part 1
8. Sarah vs Cybermat Part 2
9. Sabotage
10. It's Happening All Over Again
11. The Skystriker
12. On Voga
13. Sarah and Harry Captured Part 1
14. Sarah and Harry Captured Part 2
15. Cybership II
16. Enter Vorus
17. Remote Control Threat
18. Tyrum and Vorus
19. One More Pull
20. Caves Chase
21. Caves Chase Continued
22. Surrounded
23. Boarding Party
24. The Beacon is Ours
25. Tyrum Fanfare
26. Prisoners
27. Fresh Orders
28. It Cannot Be Stopped
29. Loose Thinking / The Bomb
30. The Countdown Has Commenced
31. Cybermarch
32. Radarscope
33. Adventures on Voga
34. Rockfall
35. Surface Party and Detonation
36. Nine Minutes
37. Cybermat vs Cybermen
38. The Biggest Bang in History?
39. Waltz - All's Well That Ends Well
40. Doctor Who - Closing Title Theme (53" Version)
41. Sarah vs Cybermat (end of part 1 alternative)
42. Sarah vs Cybermat (start of part 2)
43. It's Happening All Over Again (random organ)
44. Sarah and Harry Captured (alternative)
45. Put That Gun Down (synth cue)
46. Cybership II (alternative)
47. Remote Control Threat (alternative)
48. One More Pull (alternative) and Vogan Gunfight
49. Cybership III (synth cue)
50. Caves Chase (alternative)
51. Cybership IV (synth cue)
52. Caves Chase Continued (alternative)
53. Surrounded (alternative)
54. Boarding Party (end of Part 2 alternative)
55. Jelly Babies (synth cue)
56. Tyrum Fanfare (edited cue as used)
57. It Cannot Be Stopped (alternative)
58. Loose Thinking (alternative)
59. The Bomb (alternative)
60. The Countdown Has Commenced (alternative)
61. Looped Cybermarch
62. Looped Cybermarch with Synth
63. Adventures on Voga (synth cues)
64. The Red Zone (Random Organ)
65. Heartbeat Countdown I ; II (synth cues) / Rockfall (alternative)
66. Session Tapes - Random Organ, Specimen Gong, Timps
67. Session Tapes - m42a ; 42b (improvs)

More Info:

Eighth in a collectible set of Eight Doctor Who Story ReleasesOriginal TV Soundtrack by Carey BlytonGatefold Sleeve by Clayton Hickman Doctor Who - Revenge Of The Cybermen was the season 12 finale first broadcast on April 19th, 1975. As with so much television music of the 1960s, '70s and '80s,the original master tapes of Carey Blyton's score for Revenge of the Cybermen were not retained. The only surviving copy is a set of four 7', 7.5ips 'composer's copy'domestic 1/4-inch tape. It is from those digital transfers that this release is taken. Sadly, and to Carey's obvious and understandable disappointment, the completedmusic did not meet with the complete approval of the production team, and much of it was not used. Peter Howell of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop added someelectronic embellishments and arranged some additional cues for parts two and three but some of that was also left on the proverbial cutting room floor.For this release, Carey's original score is presented (and heard here for the first time) as written. This is followed by the additional, alternative, and'enhanced' cues, all of which were also on Carey Blyton's tapes.

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