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Pure Fucking Armageddon - 6LP Picture Discs w/ DVD
Artist: Mayhem
Format: Vinyl


Label: Peaceville Import
Rel. Date: 09/23/2022
UPC: 801056802712

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1. Mayhem (Pfa Demo) (01:48)
2. Ghoul (Pfa Demo) (03:43)
3. Pure Fucking Armageddon (Pfa Demo) (02:39)
4. Carnage (Pfa Demo) (04:23)
5. Hidden Outro (Pfa Demo) (03:14)
6. Ghoul (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (03:44)
7. Ghoul (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (03:56)
8. Ghoul (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (02:03)
9. Intros (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (07:56)
10. Carnage (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (02:19)
11. Black Metal (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (02:56)
12. Pure Fucking Armageddon (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (03:02)
13. Oi (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (03:18)
14. Witching Hour (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (02:11)
15. Carnage (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (01:20)
16. Carnage (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (02:54)
17. Carnage (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (05:10)
18. Intro (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (02:38)
19. Outro (Pfa Rehearsal Session a) (02:28)
20. Ghoul (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (03:45)
21. Ghoul (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (02:01)
22. Ghoul (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (03:53)
23. Pure Fucking Armageddon (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (01:54)
24. Pure Fucking Armageddon (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (03:41)
25. Black Metal (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (02:24)
26. Carnage (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (03:12)
27. Carnage (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (02:40)
28. Carnage (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (04:25)
29. Ghoul (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (02:04)
30. Black Metal (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (02:17)
31. Pure Fucking Armageddon (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (03:31)
32. Black Metal (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (02:49)
33. Black Metal (Pfa Rehearsal Session B) (03:06)
34. Jagermeister (Checker Patrol) (02:12)
35. Barbeque of Hell (Checker Patrol) (01:47)
36. Checker Patrol (Checker Patrol) (02:00)
37. Ritze Ratze Rotze (Checker Patrol) (02:08)
38. Metalion in the Park (Checker Patrol) (02:22)
39. Fuck Off ; Die (Checker Patrol) (01:34)
40. Satan Dies in Hell (Checker Patrol) (00:40)
41. Barbeque of Hell Part 2 (Checker Patrol) (01:16)
42. Off Course (Checker Patrol) (00:22)
43. Throwing Glass (Checker Patrol) (02:00)
44. Satan Dies in Hell (Checker Patrol) (00:37)
45. Intro / Black Metal (Live in Ski) (04:44)
46. Procreation of the Wicked (Live in Ski) (03:00)
47. Welcome to Hell (Live in Ski) (05:19)
48. Panic Interview 1985 (23:32)
49. Panic Interview 1985 (22:47)
50. Intro / Black Metal (Live in Ski - Video) (04:44)
51. Procreation of the Wicked (Live in Ski - Video) (03:00)
52. Welcome to Hell (Live in Ski - Video) (05:19)

More Info:

After honouring the Dead era with Peaceville's 'Cursed in Eternity' boxset, plus the band's own look back at the iconic 'De Mysteriis Dom. Satanas' album, it was time to return to the very beginning of The True Mayhem. In order to do so, Necrobutcher opened his vault of personal & never-released tape recordings & with the help of long-time Mayhem friend Finn Håkon Rodland, constructed a special picture disc box set with the very first recordings of 'The True Mayhem', essential for any die-hard fan of the Norwegian legends. The 'Pure Fucking Armageddon' boxset contains 6 LPs, including the cult 1986 'Pure Fucking Armageddon' demo itself, plus also the final complete 'Pure Fucking Armageddon' rehearsal, spanning 90 minutes & featured here across 2 LP's (including talking between songs & multiple takes of tracks - nothing has been cut). In addition to these essential pieces of metal history, Mayhem's classic April 1985 gig 'Live in Ski' is also included (LP & DVD - NTSC 0), where they performed a selection of cover tracks. The very first official Mayhem interview was recorded onto tape by Oyvind Ihlen for the Panic fanzine & also features in this set (in Norwegian language, with translation in the book). This was also partly inspired by a similar interview-disc release from Venom many years ago. And last, but not least, is Checker Patrol. This was the obscure metal project that Euronymous & Necrobutcher had with Metalion & their German friends during interrail trips of '86 & '87. This is the first presentation of the full collection of tracks, with songs from 1987 previously never heard. The boxset concludes with an 80-page book with Necrobutcher's recollections and unique pictures from the very first Mayhem photo sessions, along with interviews, and other rarities from the mid-80s. The set also contains a classic early era band poster. Limited edition.

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